Don’t Change Anything

One of the biggest concerns when migrating from an in-office environment to a remote environment is simply the changes that are involved — in short, don’t change anything!

Of course, your commute is going to change — more prep time!

You might even look at making a real breakfast instead of a drive-thru coffee shop on the way to work — great, better meal management!

You don’t have to pack a lunch, you can plan a good midday meal or activity for your lunch break.

You can work in your pajamas — “don’t change anything”, get dressed for work! You might find something a bit more casual or comfortable according to your remote work environment but keep in mind you are going to work not a slumber party.

Start work at the same time you did when you went into the office and work as long as you normally would. Take your lunch! Time management is one of the easiest things to let slip both in working too much and not putting in an appropriate amount of time and energy into the day.

The key to my success and rapid change from an in-office desk job to a high-efficiency remote worker was to keep as much of my day the same in both environments so I could continue to focus on the work versus the short commute, the more nutritious lunches versus labeling my food in the fridge… and getting dog-walking breaks when one of them needed to go out or just wanted some attention.

Don’t Change Anything! — unless it makes you more productive and allows you to do your work better and more effectively.

Perhaps even more important, be honest with yourself when asking if the above is true when making those changes.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Remote Support

So it seems we’re all working in “Remote Support” lately, or at least hopefully we’re all working remotely.

Whether you are ordered to “Shelter in place”, or “Self-isolate”, or just trying to stay safe and healthy for any reason, working remotely is still a real thing and something for all employers to consider more fully going forward once this COVID-19 crisis has been addressed and dealt with.

I’m very much a “Support Advocate” believing in all things that provide support to both internal and external customers.

I know I haven’t been around for the last while, life’s been a bit hectic and things happened… OK, that’s an understatement, SH*T HAPPENED!!! Maybe read that with several underlines and few more exclamation points.

I’ve been fortunate to already be familiar with remote work and even more fortunate to be involved with an organization and team that are able and willing to help those trying to address this COVID-19 issue.

Although likely to be sporadic, look for upcoming posts about working remotely and dealing with less human contact than what you have been used to. For a bit of backstory, I’m coming from 25 years of direct customer service management to working online only in various customer experience channels for the last seven years. I’ll share what I’ve seen and done — hopefully, it will help.